Why it’s time to double-down on Facebook – f8 2018 Reviewed – Episode 013 – Digital 100 Show

Today’s episode of Digital 100 – Episode #013 is all about Facebook and why it’s time to double down on your efforts on that platform. I will review Facebook’s f8 developer conference for 2018 and some of the key  points that you want to make sure you keep in mind for your strategy.

Facebook is responding to the massive PR black eye they received during the Cambridge analytica advertising Scandal that hit them over the last 6 months. With that in mind Facebook has gone into hyperdrive and has tons of great new updates and releases they announced on May 1st 2018 at their f8 developer conference.

There are two main themes covered in this year’s f8 conference; were transparency security and user control also they revisited people and meaningful connections.

Under Facebook:

  • Meaningful relationships
  • AR camera
  • watch party
  • Dating section
  • clear history
  • 3D photos
  • Stories
  • Analytics

under Facebook Messenger:

  • Translate
  • AR camera
  • simplify and dark mode
  • customer chat plugin
  • Stories

under Instagram:

  • New Explorer
  • AR camera
  • video chat
  • bully filter
  • Stories

under WhatsApp:

  • Group video call
  • third-party sticker packs
  • Stories

under Oculus:

  • Oculus Go & TV

Exciting news for businesses, there will be a more seamless experience for content to be personalized, also expanded Facebook live tools for business.   It looks like Facebook live is the next step for most businesses so if you are doing a Facebook live yet you should be looking at it for 2018.

Facebook Messenger has grown over 300,000 Bots they’re adding in some additional natural language processing they will allow them to communicate in 21 languages. The theme of f8 is people first.  There are some exciting changes in fb messenger including options for both advertising and targeting within it.

Facebook is finally helping businesses enhance the relationship with their customers, including data and analytics to help understand the customer journey. Finally Facebook it is also empowering the sales funnel for marketers by enhancing both content strategy and the sales funnel to increase what your audience sees.

Overall lots of exciting news from Facebook and now more than ever at this low point from their PR troubles is the perfect time to Double Down and start expanding your presence on Facebook. Good news Facebook recently overturned their decision to block crypto advertising, so now it’s ready to start again – so you will be seeing some of my ads on Facebook shortly. The integration between Facebook and Instagram is key to anyone’s future success online so make sure you have a clear strategy and are producing content regularly for those two platforms.


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