Two Factor Authentication 2FA Explained – Episode 003 – Digital 100 Show

This is episode #003 of the Digital 100 show with your host Patrick Wagner

Episode #3 of the Digital 100 show will cover adding the next layer of security to your upped password game. Now it’s time to add 2FA to all your accounts.

Homework from last episode:

Step 1: Create a new phrase based password
— Secure Banking, Smartphone, Email, Apple/Google accounts, Router, Internet access
— Change all other account passwords
— Revoke API access between social accounts

Step 2: Create a password book

Step 3: Store your password book in a safe

Step 4: Complete for all accounts, return to financial and secure data accounts for additional security.

What is 2FA?
Two Factor Authentication
An extra layer of security that is known as “multi factor authentication”

Why do I need it?
Ensure only you are most likely accessing your account.
This ensure remote hackers have the most difficult time possible accessing your data.

Most commonly known and used is:

Google Authenticator

At a site you use a qr code or key
To generate your 2FA unique code.

Backup your digital key for all
2FA code in your pass book
Make sure you time on your phone is
100% accurate.

Other great options are https://authy.com/

Don’t lose your 2FA key
Make a backup of 2FA
Without 2FA it may take you weeks to regain access to accounts

Your 2FA Process
Step 1: Ensure each account you are turning 2FA on has all your latest info & contact details.
Step 2: Download an Authenticator app, ie. Google Authenticator
Step 3: When adding a new 2FA to your authenticator app make sure to write your digital key in your password log book.
Step 4: Use your backup smartphone and add all your 2FA clients there as well for a fully working backup (if your phone is lost).
Step 5: Test your 2FA login to ensure it’s all work. Next.

2FA helps limit remote access of your accounts.
Requiring you to enter 2 passwords, which also alerts you when someone is accessing your account without permission.

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