Success in Social Media is Simple – it starts with a plan! – Episode 029 – Digital 100 Show

In today’s episode I discuss the secret to social media success is simple having a plan. creating your social media strategy is not as complex as many people think it is and without it you’re guaranteed to spend time chasing your tail on social media rather than making the kind of progress you expected.

Let’s start off by getting the definition for the term strategy.

A plan of action or policy designed to achieve a major or overall aim.

For many of you that idea seems too far reaching since how social media works and all the possible moving parts are not fully comprehended by any of us. that’s why lately I’ve been pitching the idea of just posting every day start by posting a single photo or picture everyday then add elements of hashtags and see your results. once you’ve done that you’ll have the courage to move forward and start creating video posts every single day or maybe adding video via stories to your already daily social media posts.

Start with a simple social media strategy.

  1. Pick a platform you feel comfortable with.
  2. Get an account.
  3. Start posting everyday. (level 2 post photos of yourself daily as well)
  4. Start posting video daily. (level 2 post video of yourself daily as well)
  5. Build out groups of hashtags to use.
  6. List out your competitors locally, in country and globally on your platform (follow them all).
  7. Watch different social media post, see what is getting people to respond, engage (which means comment) and like count. Use these ideas to generate new type of content.
  8. Analytics: Now it’s time to learn how to monitor your results so far.

This is a very good starting point for anyone but the secret is doing it daily or 3 time weekly whatever you decide.

That being said I still have to say the number one way to get the most attention and build your brand and real estate within the niche of fastest is to post video of yourself as much as possible and close second to that is just posting on social and general as much as possible.

Create your social media strategy today commit to it and take action against that goal everyday. check back on your progress and the results of your actions on a weekly basis and then on a monthly basis add new elements to your social media strategy.

now I don’t think anybody needs to pay someone to do this for them there’s a lot of great content out there on how to build your social media strategy if you’re looking to build something more complex for a medium or large or Corporation. in most cases I found that getting comfortable and using the platform as the best way to create a more holistic social media strategy that you actually achieve rather than something you just turn on and goes from 0 to 100.

Keep building secure digital business.
Patrick Wagner

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