Social Media profiles are the resume of future – Episode 022 – Digital 100 Show

Episode 022 of Digital 100 focuses on how social media profiles have now become the real-time resume for everyone.

We all know that during the interview / hiring process, human resource (HR) is checking you out – via a Google search, a review of your social media profiles and any images. What’s strange is that we all know this happens, yet we as business people don’t apply that same lens to our social media profiles.

If your resume is designed to represent who you are, most people still spend the most time fluffing up their resume when getting a job. To the point that most people know you can’t trust much on a resume these days without fact checking everything.

Social media profiles are the place were we can show everything to everyone if we choose. This idea for many is disturbing and in an attempt to control this judgement some decide to post less content and ensure it is very perfect (controlled).

That’s not social media!

This episode goes into the importance of your social profiles being your true resume in 2018 and beyond. That means you need to craft them not PR them to death – you want to have a clear story or sandbox which allows you to tell your story everyday (thru content updates & posts).

Social media profiles are your real-time resume – those who embrace this will be both wanted around the world and some will be destroyed by their choice in how they present themselves in years to come.

Just like a 2 week absence of an employee is looked upon extremely poorly, so is that same absence from a brand, business or person being away from updating their social profiles.

Eyeballs and especially those of TV have moved online, that’s why it’s important to have the video content to benefit from this demand. Your ability to provide content for people daily will allow you to both gain and solidify your market share – while your competitors wait and miss out.

Review your social profiles from this lense and I guarantee you will change how you tell your story & how often you update your real time social media resume.

Comment or reach out on social media @patrickwagner – I’d be happy to answer any questions about digital business build, brand strategy, investing & bitcoin related questions with my videos.

“Quick Musical Doodles” & “Go F**K Yourself By twofeet – https://soundcloud.com/twofeetmusic/
Here He Go by Kodak Black – https://soundcloud.com/kodak-black/

“Quick Musical Doodles” & “Go F**K Yourself By twofeet – https://soundcloud.com/twofeetmusic/
Here He Go by Kodak Black – https://soundcloud.com/kodak-black/

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