SMS 2FA Hacked! Two factor authentication Physical Device Security Keys – Episode 015 – Digital 100 Show

Episode 015 of the Digital 100 show will cover a new product I’ve started using by Feitian their MultiPass FIDO security key – which looks to be exactly like the Google Titan Key coming to users soon.

In some bad news we’ve had some security issues in the news, specifically Reddit being hacked by SMS 2FA. In my previous episode of Digital 100 episode number 003 I talked about 2FA two-factor authentication security where I discussed the need for additional options to increase your security like the use of physical security keys (U2F). There are many different options available including some simple and cost-effective ones by https://www.yubico.com & https://www.ftsafe.com/Products – check them out.

First I will take two Feitian – MultiPass FIDO Security keys and go to Google’s Advanced Protection page:


* always ensure you use https://

Click “Get Started” sign-in to your gmail or Google Suite accounts (there is a small work around by the admin for G Suite users).

There you will add each of your Feitian – MultiPass FIDO security keys.

Once you plug them in, you wil click when asked, and name each key.

Ensure you add all your keys – your main key, and your backup.

Now you are ready to go, your Gmail account is secure. You can now add them to your Android device via Smart Lock function built into your smartphone.

Go into Settings, click on Smart Lock.

There you can add Trusted Devices, add each key via Bluetooth. For step by step details from the manufacturer please go to:

Once completed you can now only access you Google accounts with the physical security device in hand. I’ve tested this on my smartphone and used the bluetooth function successfully to enter my account from my mobile device.

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