Using Search Engine stats to understand your customer – Episode 033 – Digital 100 Show

Today’s episode of the Digital 100 Show – episode #033 – I’m back after a break from videos with this episode that discuss the latest search engine stats that help you know how your customers are changing their behavior and decision-making process.

It’s time to look into your customer’s experience and their decision-making process to ensure you do the most with your marketing & sales efforts. Especially on digital!

49% of all Google searches are no-click, new study finds.

There’s been a 120%+ growth in mobile searches for “wait times” in the last two years.

Source: “No regrets: The 3 things driving the research-obsessed consumer,” May 2018.

““I knew everything would be good but I really wanted to try the best of the best,” another person told us. “I like to see what ‘must haves’ I should order.” And we see this in our search data, too, as mobile searches for “menus” have grown over 55% in the past two years.”
Source: https://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/consumer-insights/consumer-search-behavior/

Patrick Wagner

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