Make Video, Make Video, Make Video! – Episode 025 – Digital 100 Show

Here is episode 025 of the Digital 100 Show where I make the realization of why you need to be creating as much video content as possible right now. I’ve always know of the amazing opportunity of video for many years, no surprise – right?

Now I was working my first web business in the early 90’s so I knew the value of the internet but I didn’t realize how much opportunity I had at that moment til many years later. As hindsight is always 20/20 – but now I see what Gary Vaynerchuk has been shouting for years.

This is the land rush of today, video! Nothing else comes close.

That means you need to be produce as much video content on as many social platforms as possible to enjoy the grow this medium will provide you.

From 1996 to 2003 you could make a web page, post any meta tag keywords and rank in the #1 spot in a few hours. I was making pages as fast I could but didn’t have enough knowledge of scale, leverage or programming 🙁

But now I see this exact moment happening again in digital marketing and it’s video which is stealing attention of users. Most sites are desperate for any video content, quality content is gain users by the hundreds per day.

It’s time to dive in & make video content daily – it will pay-off more for your business, brand or network then any other form of digital marketing today. Get that thru your head, please!

Now change your focus and how your structure your digital marketing or marketing efforts in general. All your marketing efforts need to ladder up to making video content to build your brand, business or niche – if your trying to get the most bang for your buck.

Comment or reach out on social media @patrickwagner – I’d be happy to answer any questions about digital business build, brand strategy, investing & bitcoin related questions with my videos.

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