Instagram Basics for Entrepreneurs & Small Business in 2018 – Episode 018 – Digital 100 Show

Happy Back to School Day!

Episode 018 of Digital 100 is done, this week I will be covering all the social media platforms you need to be using. Today I’m covering @instagram – my favorite social media platform for many reason – mostly the level of user engagement.

== Video Maker ==

Today I’m covering how to setup your profile correctly, what you need to have in your bio, how to use the hyperlink in your bio, lot’s of awesome free tools for building instagram.

== Bio Link Tracking ==
— My Bio Linktree — check it out! —

How to master the hashtag game, don’t send out a post without hashtags. Learn how to find your audience and how to leverage hashtags to increase your reach and followers.

== HASHTAG Generators ==
#1: https://instavast.com/instagram-hashtag-generator/
#2: https://toptager.com/
PAID: https://hashtagify.me/

Find out how to see all the analytics that matter for your profile, also track all your comments and ensure you (like) and respond to all comments on any of your posts.

== Analytics ==

== Automated Builder (*do not buy) ==

I also cover the algorithm being used by Instagram so you can better understand what content you need to make to get the engage you need. I show you all the automated softwares being used by people to build their instagram following. I cover the pros & cons so watch the full episode (check out the link in my bio).

Make sure you leverage your ability to respond to comments, reach out to likes, find hashtags for your community and find users by their location as well. Use these tools to find & build your community, also leverage the fact that you can market to your competitors followers to get more business.

What tools do you use for Instagram success?

Comment or reach out on social media @patrickwagner – I’d be happy to answer any questions about digital business build, brand strategy, investing & bitcoin related questions with my videos.

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  1. Hi Patrick. I’m Jonah from Hashtagify.me. I’ve just read your article and want to thank you very much for mentioning our tool. :)Appreciate it a lot!

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