I don’t write comments! :( WRONG! – Episode 027 – Digital 100 Show

In today’s episode 027 of the Digital 100 Show I explore the comments section of content online, today the comment sections means alot more then it ever did. Some user still don’t leave comments or engage with those who or even worse, they don’t try to engage comments from their users! 🙁

Well in 2019 ( since is Nov. 2018) you can’t not be reading all comments, and engage with all – especially have a content strategy that actually focuses on building user engagement thru comments.

Those who get it, are doing any amazing job on social media. In this episode I showcase one of my social media mentors

Lewis Howes – @lewishowes

Website: www.lewishowes.com
YouTube: youtube.com/lewishowes

I show a real life example of simple interaction on social that earned him this type of focus on my show. get it – now. If not hang on.

Now I also show an example of big company, who I love, admire and always tell everyone to go to – they to make mis-steps on social media. But in 2018 you can not be operating with a social media team, monitoring social, responding in real-time, connected to your customer support and being proactive to both win & keep customers coming back for more.

Lucky this type of effective engagement marketing works, can be easily fixed and maximized.

Make sure you are leaving quality comments on other business, social influencers, customers, etc. to build you reach out to other audiences.

“Quick Musical Doodles” & “Go F**K Yourself By twofeet – https://soundcloud.com/twofeetmusic/
Here He Go by Kodak Black – https://soundcloud.com/kodak-black/

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