How & Why Hackers are targeting you online – Episode 004 – Digital 100 Show

This is episode #004 of the Digital 100 show with your host Patrick Wagner

Episode #4 of the Digital 100 show will cover securing your online and offline accounts for additional security. How Hackers are Targeting you Online and what you can do to secure yourself.

Homework from last episode:
– Unique Phrase-based passwords for all accounts
– Password Log book in fire/water proof safe
– Turn on 2FA for all accounts

Now let’s get started with securing your accounts being targeted by hackers.

What are Hackers Targeting?
– Internet Access ( Internet provider account & Router security )
– Telephone number ( Phone provider account)
– Email ( email provider )
– Google / Apple account access
– Computer or Smartphone device access ( apps or clickbait )
– Account access ( social media, ecommerce sites, etc. )

How do they Hack my accounts?

Top Goal:
#1 Email address control
#2 Phone number control ( SMS & Porting entire phone )

Step 1: Name & Email address *( Name, Address, Phone – NAP)
This is why have a separate email & telephone to avoid this.
Step 2: Get telephone number
Need this to get your phone provider ( port over )
Step 3: Gain access to your main email account.
This allows the hacker to gain access to your Google/Apple accounts & phone.
Step 4: Physical Access via Internet access to your place, Router access, or physical device added to network undetected. (rare)
Step 5: Phishing via email, clickbait via website, 3rd party app via trojan.

Time to Call and Upgrade Security on:
Your cellphone provider
Your bank
Your Apple / Google account
Your email provider
Your Internet Access provider & Router

Make Sure You Do This:
Step 1: PIN Code: Make sure this PIN code is unique between your accounts & banking
Step 2: Security Questions: make sure your answers are not obvious, try to come up with answer that no one else would know or could guess.
Step 3: Add a Note to your Account.
Step 4: Ask for additional security options, it worth sharing your concerns and knowledge to get more info.

Your Weakest Points:
PIN code
Telephone porting
Google / Apple account

To do list:
#1 Internet Access & Router
Update passwords, secondary questions & add note to account.
Router password, secure Wifi, close by device, VPN

#2 Cell Phone provider
Update passwords, secondary questions & add note to account.
Ensure no porting of phone is possible.

#3 Email account provider
Check & add all security upgrade available.
Update passwords, secondary questions & add note to account.

#4 Google / Apple accounts
Update passwords, secondary questions
2FA Turn-On

#5 Other Accounts (social media)
Up all passwords, keep them unique, use 2FA, document in your password book

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