Google Titan security key & 2 Years No Compromises + 4x Faster – Episode 014 – Digital 100 Show

Episode 014 of the Digital 100 show will cover some new security devices from Google as they released their Titan security keys designed to help everyone increase their online security.

In my previous episode of Digital 100 episode number 003 I talked about 2FA two-factor authentication security where I discussed additional options to increase your security like physical devices (U2F). There are many different options available including some simple and cost-effective ones by https://www.yubico.com & https://www.ftsafe.com/Products – check them out.

Google was quoted as saying,” We have had no reported or confirmed account takeovers since implementing security keys at Google”. This was exciting news for the tech world to hear with over 2 years of confirmed security achieved with a simply physical security device. Google has also invested in their Titan processor which provides the hardware security backbone for their Cloud servers in addition to monitoring hardware health to ensure the highest level of security. This is where the Titan key fits, since this is included in their Cloud platform offering – they can not roll it out to the regular consumer as well.

One of the stats that was key to my interested was that it was (4x) four times faster to use a key versus Google Authenticator app. On top of that already impressive stat, the key also requires about 40% less support in general. All of which is why Google choose this direction back in 2016 internally & now this is trickling down to all their customers. This is where you and I should be taking this signal to upgrading our security seriously. That means it’s time to get rid of our Google Authenticator app & start using our U2F physical keys. Hopefully we’ll be able to have access to the Google Titan key shortly but currently the closed match is available at https://www.ftsafe.com/. I’ve gone ahead and purchased 3 of their MultiPass FIDO to test and use in future videos.

That definitely means it’s time for you & I to buy one for ourselves, upgrade your security and it makes our lives easier.

Facebook was in the news with a drop of over 20% in their stock prices because of some previous losses in ad sales due to the Cambridge Analytica scandal that hit them a few months back. Now I want to reiterate to folks that I think Facebook is a great platform and you should definitely be building your business / community on it. Disregard the negative news and focus on building your digital business and take advantage of this lull in ad sales volume to get better ad pricing and take a larger chunk of your niches market share in your area – use it to expand in another area that you’ve been holding off on.

That’s why I’m still doubling down on Facebook and expanding my presence including doing some additional videos on Facebook live for business, recent improvements & how to max out their new Facebook ads platform.

When traveling you now have to monitor what digital devices you are taking with you across borders, border agents are now within their rights to be able to examine your digital devices – in some cases scan and copy off digital assets. Canadian privacy commissioner is warning Canadians to not cross the border with their digital device so that also does not bode well for others traveling into the u.s. with their digital devices.

For that reason I’m going to actually have a few episodes on this topic focusing on traveling anywhere, what security measures you need to take, how to be safe to ensure you have all you require to run your digital business anywhere in the world.

Take the time to research the Yubikey & a physical verification device (U2F) now – it’s time to invest in your security and these tools make your life easier. I will produce some videos on how to set them up and ensure you have proper backups so you aren’t put into a bad situation by poor planning. Don’t let this be a blog post or video you come back to in a few years & realize you should have listened & invested in protecting your valuable digital assets back in 2018.

Want to be safe? Plan for it – by being prepared, invest in your digital security today.

Comment or reach out on social media @patrickwagner – I’d be happy to answer any of your digital business, investing, bitcoin & crypto related questions with my videos.

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