From Dial-Up to TikTok: A Marketer’s Joyride

Hey there, digital nomads! Let’s take a trip down memory lane, back when the internet sounded like a fax machine (remember dial-up?). It was the 90s and my jam was helping brick-and-mortar businesses dip their toes into the online world.

Banners: The OG Influencers

Think of the early internet like a mall. And what’s a mall without flashy signs and promotions? Enter digital banner ads. They were the neon signs outside stores, guiding folks to the hottest deals. In our digital mall, these banners were our signposts, pointing customers to the coolest online storefronts.

TV’s Cool Cousin: Social Media

Fast forward and suddenly, TV isn’t the cool kid anymore. Social media stepped in and it’s like TV’s cool cousin who’s always up to something fun. During these crazy pandemic times, our screens became our lifelines, and social platforms became our go-to hangout spots.

Lights, Camera, Content!

Here’s the real tea: It’s not just about being online anymore. It’s about how you show up. And nothing grabs attention like a killer video. We’re not just talking about those ads you skip after 5 seconds on YouTube. We mean the real deal—videos that tell stories, show off products, or just make someone’s day a bit brighter. Remember when we only had 3 TV channels? Now, every brand can have their own channel, and it’s on social media.

Catch the Video Wave Before It’s Crowded

A heads-up for my fellow marketers: The ‘video-first’ beach is still open, but it’s filling up fast. Dive in now before everyone’s doing the same cannonball and splashing the audience.

Why It Matters?

Missed the video train? You might just miss the whole digital party. With most of us glued to our screens nowadays, especially post-COVID, there’s never been a better time to shine in the social spotlight.

What’s Next?

Digital landscapes change faster than fashion trends. While video is the current star, always keep an eye out for the next big thing. Stay curious, stay updated, and most importantly, stay awesome.

To wrap it up, the 90s gave us legendary boy bands and the dawn of online marketing. Now, it’s all about vibing in the digital age with killer video content. Hop on the trend, and let’s make the internet an even cooler place. 🚀🎥🕺

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