Encrypt or Not? Does Encryption keep your data safe? – Episode 008 – Digital 100 Show

This is episode #008 of the Digital 100 show with your host Patrick Wagner

Episode #008 of the Digital 100 -Encrypt or not? That is the question for this show – let’s review encryption and the security it provides your data. Find out what encryption really does, what it secures and how it helps block malware and hackers from all your data.

Why encrypt your data? What is the real value of encrypted data?

The best security processes are ones that don’t require additional tasks and effort, so make sure you secure your data & devices with that simple quote below in mind.

What are the encryption software options?

Top Free Encryption Software


Top Paid Encryption Software

read these great blog posts for additional information.

The Best Encryption Software of 2018

Top 5 best encryption software tools of 2018

Google any software + the word reviews to see what people are saying and complaining about.


folder locker software reviews
veracrypt software reviews


Watch the full video to watch me create a new Veracrypt container to show how to start encrypt your data.


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