Digital Manifesto 2018 – Episode 001 – Digital 100 Show

Episode 001 – Digital 100 by Patrick Wagner – Digital Manifesto 2018 My Digital Manifesto for 2018 I’m excited to share with you my digital manifesto for 2018, let me start by telling you what lead me here today. I’m very fortunate to have been raised by parents who were immigrants to Canada, their struggle helped build a business drive in me. That drive allowed me to focus on my ambitions, from a young age I enjoyed hustling to build business. My first business was selling baseball cards & sport memorabilia was at the age of 10 – I registered my business & collected taxes. By age 11 I started my love of investing in the stock market with my first purchase of Coca-Cola stock. Then at sixteen, back in 1993  I started my first digital business – I opened one of the first web design companies in Toronto. I registered my first domain and believed in the amazing potential the internet was going to unleash on world. From this point on I have had 100% commitment to building digital business – my first digital startups included marketing, sales & software development. Next I committed to ensuring security was an … Continue reading Digital Manifesto 2018 – Episode 001 – Digital 100 Show