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Episode 001 – Digital 100 by Patrick WagnerDigital Manifesto 2018

My Digital Manifesto for 2018

I’m excited to share with you my digital manifesto for 2018, let me start by telling you what lead me here today. I’m very fortunate to have been raised by parents who were immigrants to Canada, their struggle helped build a business drive in me. That drive allowed me to focus on my ambitions, from a young age I enjoyed hustling to build business. My first business was selling baseball cards & sport memorabilia was at the age of 10 – I registered my business & collected taxes. By age 11 I started my love of investing in the stock market with my first purchase of Coca-Cola stock.

Then at sixteen, back in 1993  I started my first digital business – I opened one of the first web design companies in Toronto. I registered my first domain and believed in the amazing potential the internet was going to unleash on world. From this point on I have had 100% commitment to building digital business – my first digital startups included marketing, sales & software development. Next I committed to ensuring security was an integral part of any digital business I build including securing data. My linux software company developed cyber-security solutions for the Canadian government’s nuclear power plant.

For the last 15+ years I’ve been working on digital marketing within traditional banks & fintech startups (recently with Zenbanx – which recently sold to Sofi). I’ve seen first hand how banks have won & lost as digital has changed their business models. It is now clear that people’s perception of money, “real” & digital has changed. Whether we agree with it or not is irrelevant.  Being on the frontline has given me a unique perspective – which is why I’m so excited about what the future holds for bitcoin, blockchain & crypto-currency in general.

Having been only 16 when I started online, I didn’t fully grasp the power and potential the internet had to change everyday life and business as we know it. In retrospect, I can clearly see the similarities between the early dotcom days and evolution of blockchain / crypto-currency technology.

Money Over Internet Protocol (MOIP), Bitcoin & crypto-currency will dramatically change all aspects of our lives in the same way that smartphones & digital media has done over the last 20 years. The changes will be as dramatic, if not more so, in all aspects of traditional business & digital business.  Today businesses are being changed by artificial intelligence & machine learning – I think the next big wave of business change is MOIP, bitcoin & digital currency and it is just on the horizon.

Join me as I journey thru this pioneering time, it will be a bumpy ride but definitely one you won’t want to miss. I will document my journey using social media, this website and my YouTube channel. I want to focus on helping educate the average user on the importance of security in crypto & online finance, also I want to explore and provide a simple way of understanding the many moving parts in this new / fast changing industry & this burgeoning new asset class.

I’d be happy to help answer any questions you might have – just comment or connect with me via social media.

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