Digital 100 Update ( Security keys, #socialmedia , video prod) – Episode 016 – Digital 100 Show

Episode 016 of the Digital 100 show will cover an update from Digital 100:

– Security Keys (MultiPass FIDO security key)
– My Top YouTube video for the first 15 was the one about making your own Chromebook via USB.
– social media IG, FB, & Twitter setup – social media ads (fb/ig, twitter, platforms)
– teaching video setup & the basics

— to get new user over the hump of starting to make more video content
— avoid the excuses ( i try to )
— making content for your business is the life blood, similar to you answering the phone, unlocking your store door, etc.

– what content should you be making?
— the type you are most comfortable with.
– written (blog, articles)
– images (photos, info graphics, presentations)
– spoke word (podcast) – video ( off camera – Twitch, game watching )
– on camera

Comment or reach out on social media @patrickwagner – I’d be happy to answer any of your digital business, investing, bitcoin & crypto related questions with my videos.

Music “Quick Musical Doodles” & “Go F**K Yourself By twofeet – https://soundcloud.com/twofeetmusic/ Here He Go by Kodak Black – https://soundcloud.com/kodak-black/

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