Be Safe, Get a Safe – Episode 006 – Digital 100 Show

This is episode #006 of the Digital 100 show with your host Patrick Wagner

Episode #006 of the Digital 100 show will cover the need and options for safe to ensure your docs & digital devices are both water & fire proof. We will review both entry level options & prices as well as the higher-end safe model available for the average consumer.

A Safe Secures You Against:

  1. Mother Nature
  2. Burglary Threats

You can get started with simple water/fire resistant safe from  Lowes or Home Depot as seen below:

You need for a larger safe  will grow depending on how filled it is and what you are storing. A quicker access digital safe might be better for daily jewelry and firearm.

Where a larger high security safe takes more time to open and is a slower process in general. Also if you will be storing firearms make sure you get the correct safe for the items you plan on storing. Otherwise you are risking the contents of your safe.

What to put in your Safe?

  1. Password Log book
  2. Important docs (paper wallets) , contracts, certificates
  3. Backup Smartphone
  4. Cold Storage Crypto Wallets (Ledger & Trezor)
  5. USB drives / backup HDs, photo backup
  6. Jewelry, Gold, Silver, etc.
  7. Firearms & Weapons
  8. ID backup copies, ownership, gov. Docs
  9. Silica Gel Packets to keep humidity down.

One more Saife you need to know about.

I had to drop a quick promo for Saife Dean Ammous’ book “The Bitcoin Standard” and amazing read. A must for anyone involved in Bitcoin / Crypto or looking to get involved in someway.

Pick it up at Amazon or Audible. https://amzn.to/2yQGp04


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