#30DaySocialMediaChallenge will change your Social Media results! – Episode 034 – Digital 100 Show

#30DaySocialMediaChallenge will change your Social Media results!

Today’s episode 0034 is all about the #30DaySocialMediaChallenge which I started with all my social media students looking to learn social media, leverage it for their personal brand, build their business brand and use social media as their real-time resume for 2019 and beyond.

The 30 day Social Media Challenge is simple, get you posting content everyday to one social media network.

I recommend Instagram since it’s easiest for most people to generate daily content of sorts on that platform.

Step 1: Get over yourself and your EGO
Recommended book: Judgement Detox by Gabby Bernstein

Step 2: Commit to post everyday – don’t be scared I will help you with ideas each day to make this process easier.

Step 3: Commit to testing, try and then learning from that. DO NOT try to be perfect with your posts, do not PR yourself. Real people want to see real people to see if they connect with your way of thinking, your products, services, etc.

Step 4: The first 10 days are focused on learning how to use the platform and posting simple posts each day.
– First posts include, your first image post, first text only post, your first selfie post, your first nature shot, your first business photo, you at work, you at the gym, the weather, yourself at other local businesses, you at local landmarks, you at local events, you at local parks, the positive of your day or a challenge you’ve overcome.

– Each day at dinner in my house we do “Rose & Thorn” something I learn from President Barack Obama’s family – each person at the table talks about their biggest challenge or hardship (their Thorn) and their biggest happy moment (their Rose). Take this an do it daily with two posts and youve got enough content for the first 10 days.

I will develop more details in the following videos that will detail the last 20 days were you become much more proactive once you realize posting on social media can be much easier if you let it be.

If you have any questions of comments, please post them in the comments section below or on any social media post of my related to this.
I’d love to know your experiences with social media.

Do you post everyday?
Could you?
Why don’t you?

Do you know how much Instagram loves people who post every day? They love them a lot – get it – now start the challenge and start posting everyday on Instagram.

Patrick Wagner

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