This is episode #010 of the Digital 100 show with your host Patrick Wagner

Episode #010 of the Digital 100 show and its all about my favorite Chromebook device and some great new options to turn any old laptop into a great Chromebook.

Learn how to buy or make one using an old laptop.

Two Great Options:
Buy a Chromebook
Use an old laptop

Option #1 – Buy a Chromebook

  • Approx. cost $165 to $600
  • Security & Updates & No crashes (#1)
  • Battery Life (#2)
  • Android apps will soon be playable on Chromebooks
  • More than 200 offline Chrome apps that can work without Internet connectivity, including Gmail, Pocket and Google Drive, and tons of the Android apps coming soon.
  • Google Assistant

Make an old laptop into a Chromebook

Approx. cost free software + USB

For additional security: Ensure Chromebooks are connected to your VPN enabled router.

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