This is episode #009 of the Digital 100 show with your host Patrick Wagner

Episode #009 of the Digital 100 – 11 Tips on Securing your Computer – Make sure you are setup for security success on your computer and mobile devices.

Each of the tips will be added below shortly.

Tip #1: Keep your operating system up to date – always!

Tip #2: Keep all your device software up-to-date

Tip #3: Create a Restore point of copy of a clean install on Windows then add restore points as you add software. Focus on a good backup process.

Tip #4: Install a paid antivirus software on all devices.

Tip #5: Install a proactive security solution for multi-layered protection.

Other reviews at

Thanks @ThisIsNuse

Tip #6: Install an anti-malware & anti-keylogger softwares.

Thanks @NotSoFast

** Remember find your balance between security and function, when starting you will have to deal with each software learning what is ok and what it should block – be patient.

Tip #7: Backup your files.

Cloud only if security is zero concern. Otherwise always backup your own devices.

Tip #8: Use standard accounts, do not login as administrator.

*Keep your User Account Control enabled for Windows

Tip #9: Secure your web browser before you go online.

Chrome browser or Brave browser

Tip #10: Ensure https://

Chromebook + VPN for regular surfing.

Tip #11: Don’t click on suspicious links or websites. Malware & Trojans are sitting waiting for you.

Last Recommendations:

  • Optimize your OS operating system
  • Optimize your Router/Wifi security
  • Ensure your have your firewall, antivirus, anti-malware, etc running
  • Encrypt your data – always!
  • Use a VPN
  • Secure your browser – for regular surfing – use a chromebook + VPN.

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